Battle between: castaform VS fruit-of-the-breloom

Style: Double battle

Wanna know who won? find out by watching our battle:




how to make friends



how to make friends


Cute shiny pokemon giveaway!!
Hi, I recently acquired two Diancies and decided to do a giveaway and I would include some other pokes so here you have
☆ a LEGIT Diancie
☆a shiny Sylveon
☆shiny Shaymin
☆ shiny mew
☆ shiny whimsicott
Sorry but I don’t know much about the ivs so I can’t tell you how many ivs they are.


♡ Must follow me
♡ Must reblog
♡and obviously must be willing to give me your friend code.

Giveaway will end on July 31st and I will randomly choose someone. In the meantime I will put up my friend code ( 3110-5469-5346 ) and anyone is welcome to add me and message me their fc. Have a great day c:

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CAN’T UNSEE: Joaquin Phoenix’ Forehead is the True Star of “Her”

Just tilt your head to the right, and watch Joaquin’s forehead’s Oscar-worthy performance.


Because Wonder Trade NEEDS it. 

A big thank you to the trainers out there who sent me their suggestions on the subject. Have ideas on what would make pkmn trading better? Send me a note! 




when your enemy revives itself


when your enemy is almost dead but kills you anyways


when your enemy has another form



It’s Summer Time! And you know what I think the Summer could use more of? Dinosaurs! But then again, couldn’t every time of the year?

To celebrate 7,000 followers I’m doing a follower giveaway where you could win a pair of shiny Kalos fossil dinos~! 

Both were bred on my Pokemon Y version and you can find my summary of Tyrunt and Amaurus by clicking the names~

But for convenience sake, here’s a bit more about them:

About Amaurus

  • He is male and level 1 - untouched
  • His nature is modest
  • His IVs are 31/X/31/31/31/31
  • He is Kalos born and can be nicknamed!
  • His ability is Refrigerate
  • He has the egg move Discharge

About Tyrunt

  • He is male and level 1 - untouched
  • His nature is jolly
  • His IVs are 31/31/31/31/31/X
  • He is Kalos born and can be nicknamed!
  • His ability is Strong Jaw
  • He has the egg moves Dragon Dance, Ice Fang, Fire Fang, Thunder Fang


  • These Pokemon will be cloned using an in game method, if you’re not a fan of copies it’s totally fine if you don’t want to enter. No worries!
  • As this is a follower giveaway you must be following me to enter.
  • Likes and reblogs count as one entry each, feel free to reblog as much as you like but be considerate of your followers~
  • No giveaway blogs, I will be checking
  • Deadline is 5th of August at Midnight GMT! I’ll announce the winner (picked by RNG) so keep your ask box open so I can contact you
  • If the winner doesn’t respond within 3 days I’ll pick a new winner, rinse and repeat

Good luck!



Well, I’ve finally hit 350+ followers — something I never thought would happen! I’m really happy that this many people enjoy what I post, and you’re all just great! Soooo I’ve been collecting shinies until this very day so I can give you, my wonderful followers, something in return!

Winners will be generated randomly. There will be nine in all. The first winner will receive their first pick of a prize. The second will pick from the remaining eight. The third will pick from the seven that are left, and so on and so on. Here’s what you could win!

Shiny Rayquaza (Lv. 75)
Shiny Mew (Lv. 100)
Shiny Giratina (Lv. 80)
Shiny Milotic (Lv. 60, female)
Shiny Scizor (Lv. 50, male)
Shiny Corsola (Lv. 30, female)
Shiny Delcatty (Lv. 100, male)
Shiny Ralts (Lv. 5, female)
Shiny Lapras (Lv. 60, female)

I tried to get the best Pokemon I could for this giveaway, because I knew it would be special! You guys are all awesome, and I’m grateful for all 380 of you, at the time of writing this post! You guys are the greatest!


1. You must be following me. This is a giveaway for all of my followers, of course! I hate to be that person, but I’m not going to be giving away awesome Pokemon to people that don’t even follow me in return! {I mainly post Pokemon and anime on this blog, anyway. c;}

2. You can reblog as many times as you would like, just make sure not to annoy your own followers! Each time counts as an entry with your name! Liking this post is good for bookmarking it, but it will not count as a separate entry.

3. If you’re a winner, you’ve gotta be comfortable with giving me your Friend Code! You also need to tell me your in-game name so I don’t accidentally give your prize away to someone else!

4. I will contact the first winner at midnight when the giveaway ends! If that person does not respond within 24 hours, I will move onto the second winner (who will then get first choice out of the nine Pokemon!)

5. Please don’t be a cheater. By that, I mean no giveaway blogs. I will check before entering your url! And don’t just follow me and then unfollow me right when the giveaway ends, because I’ll be checking before I contact each winner about their prize!

If this gets over 350 notes, I’ll add in a Shiny Gastly for another winner, totally randomized! (Meaning, you could have already been one of the nine winners, but still get a Gastly anyway because your name was drawn again!) 

If this gets over 1,000 notes, I’ll attach a Power item of the winners’ choice to their prize Pokemon! You’ll have to tell me which one you want in addition to which Pokemon you want!

The giveaway ends on Saturday, August 30 at midnight, so that’s plenty of time to get your entries in! Thanks again, you guys, and good luck! Be sure to spread the word!


Spread it around if you don’t mind :33


Spread it around if you don’t mind :33